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Determination of LDR in deep drawing by reduced number of blanks

EasyChair Preprint no. 1629

6 pagesDate: October 11, 2019


Indeed, deep drawing is one of the important sheet metal forming processes widely used in production of cup shaped articles having applications in different engineering and domestic areas such as aerospace, automobile, beverage, kitchenware etc. It is essential for manufacturing to determine the quality characteristics for minimization of rejection and cost involved in testing. LDR is one such quality characteristic essential to evaluate thoroughly with reduced number of steps in deep drawing. Here, the LDR is determined by means of experimental and simulation method by using the concept of “ punch force is proportional to blank diameter up to limiting drawing ratio” and remains constant for oversized blanks causing failure. Hence, in this research, an attempt have been made to establish a standard and quick method for determination of LDR. The LDR tests have been conducted with the use of only three blanks of different sizes; i.e., two of undersize and one blank of oversize. The LDR found through experiments and simulation are in good agreement with only 5.4% variation and this variation may be due to variation in lubrication conditions among the experimental and simulation methods.

Keyphrases: blank holder force, deep drawing, finite element method, FLD, Punch Nose Radius

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