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Energy and Exergy Analysis with Regression and Optimization of Wind Power Plant of Jamshoro Pakistan

EasyChair Preprint no. 11727

6 pagesDate: January 10, 2024


The study was conducted to investigate the wind power plant with the method of energy and exergy analysis as to determine the effectiveness of energy system. In order to precisely, quantitatively and qualitatively ascertain the system performance the comprehensive and combined energy (first law) and exergy (second law) technique was employed. It was found that neither energy nor exergy efficiency could go beyond 59.3% in the wind power plant and the rotor power is dependent on wind speed and that speed is limited in the form of cut-in speed of 3 m/s and cut-out speed of 25 m/s of wind power plant. The rated speed, rotor diameter and Swept Area of wind power plant is 13.07 m/s, 114 m and 10207 meter square respectively. Speed from 6 to 14 m/s is the optimal range for the efficiencies of both energy and exergy and through the optimization technique Quadratic Approximations Method it was found that at the speed of 7m/s the efficiencies of energy and exergy would be maximum. The regression analysis was also conducted to correlate the dependent variables like Energy efficiency, Exergy Efficiency and Rotor power with the independent variable to establish the relationship.

Keyphrases: efficiency, Energy, Exergy, Optimization, Regression, Speed, Wind

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