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Analysis of Three Phase Quasi Switched Boost Inverter Topology for Renewable Energy Applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 1242

9 pagesDate: June 27, 2019


A class of quasi Switched Boost Inverter (qSBI) topologies is developed for low power Renewable Energy Source (RES) applications. This paper analyzes a qSBI topology which is capable of boosting and inverting the available dc voltage in a single stage. The operating modes, steady state analysis and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control of three phase embedded type qSBI are discussed in detail in this work. The three phase qSBI supplying, 100W RL-Load is designed and simulated with MATLAB/Simulink software tool. The Fast Fourier Transform analysis (FFT) of output voltage waveform is carried out and the harmonic profile is presented. The simulation results are presented to show the effectiveness of single stage qSBI topology.

Keyphrases: Boost inverter, boost pwm control, duty ratio, inverter bridge, Modulation Index, quasi switched boost, Quasi-Switched Boost inverter, shoot-through, simple boost control, Switched Boost Inverter, Z-source inverter

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