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Dynamic Infrared Imaging Simulation of Small Aerial Target

EasyChair Preprint no. 6663

6 pagesDate: September 23, 2021


Infrared imaging simulation has great application potentials in both military and civil fields and is widely used in target detection and recognition, sensor performance evaluation, military training and so on. This paper presents a dynamic infrared imaging simulation method of small aerial target. The infrared radiation model of the target, including spontaneous radiation model and reflection model, is studied. The generalized Gaussian model is used to simplify the gray distribution model of the target. The optical and electronic models of infrared sensors are studied, and the gray mapping of the model is used to get the maximum gray value of the target, considering the transmittance of atmospheric transmission. Background is initialized using any infrared sky image and then adjusted the visibility by the camera perspective model. Then simulated target is fused with the simulated background using Poisson fusion for the generation of a more natural image. A dynamic simulation is fulfilled by assuming kinetics models of the target and the observer. Experimental results show that the proposed system works in real time and the simulated images are very similar to the real infrared images.

Keyphrases: Background, infrared imaging, Poisson fusion, simulation, small aerial target

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