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Detection of Heart Attack Using Deep Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 9778

6 pagesDate: February 26, 2023


The Heart diseases are more primary cause and also purpose from 21st Century. Coronary Illness is the major issue at that time. And also Expanding Step By Step now-a-days. This Will result in Cause of new diseases from that from these paper we can understood that different image processing Techniques was Introduces for the reason of patient medical Reports that uses Neural Networks that is Artificial Neural Networks. Attaining of the images to identifying different types of diseases in the human body. In the world there are millions of people are doing medical Imaging for every week. Now-a-days the medical imaging is increasing step by step because of the new Image the Image Processing Technique Rapidly Increase the percentage of detection of tissues. This concept of medical Image Processing can be extended to the Simple and Sophisticated images. We can simplify the Technique Algorithims such as k-nearest algorithm, watershed techniques in medical field

Keyphrases: Artificial Neural Network, diagnosis, k-means neural network

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