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Simulation Design of Improved Smoke Detection Circuit

EasyChair Preprint no. 4645

6 pagesDate: November 25, 2020


It is a natural phenomenon and human nature that many times people neglect to shut off domestic utilities such as lights, fans and home appliances such as gas stove, before leaving their homes due to their busy schedule and/or related jobs. This can often lead to accidental short-circuit and fire incidents. The proposed paper aims to detect and alert the owner / security from the prevention of these unforeseen disasters by properly installing fire detection sensors at appropriate locations in the house. The device senses the occurrence of fire and accordingly modifies the level of logic at the sensor's output pin and performs additional tasks by giving an alarm to make appropriate safety measures. Many researchers have presented their work on similar lines but use Arduino (ATmega328p) and Flame sensor to develop the present one. Here an effort is made to make use of the current technology in terms of cost, speed and portability, replacing quite old methods. The circuit's job is to make sense and send a warning as the site catches fires and releases flames. The simulation developed functions as both a fire detection system and an Automatic Fire Alarm.

Keyphrases: Arduino, AUTOMATIC FIRE ALARM., LED

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