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Electronic Medical Record System Improves Antiretroviral Treatment Data Quality and Use: Experience from 111 Health Facilities in Ethiopia

EasyChair Preprint no. 7711

2 pagesDate: April 3, 2022


Background: Data quality and data use were major gaps in HIV/AIDS program implementation in Ethiopia. 

Intervention:  A multidisciplinary team was trained on DQI procedures. The team conducted pre- and post-initiative assessments and supported health facilities through onsite and virtual mentorship. Patient information was entered by the clinician into a paper chart and, after the visit, a data clerk enters the information into EMR-ART database. A baseline data quality audit was conducted using 2,109 randomly selected patient charts to assess the level of data completeness and accuracy of both paper and electronic records. In addition, a total of 422,529 active charts were identified from all 111 facilities, and the EMR-ART system and ART registers were updated. The EMR-ART system was enhanced to meet ART service-related DQA and reporting requirements.

Results: The baseline audit found that data completeness was <50% for demographic data such as district [39%], telephone number [49%], and house number [8%]; <20% for WHO staging at enrolment; 21% for tuberculosis preventive therapy (TPT) start date and 27% for completion date; and 49% for HIV viral load (VL) test results. Overall, 264,289 (63%) of the charts reviewed had gaps in demographic and/or clinical data completeness. After the intervention, a remarkable improvement was observed in data completeness in the assessed variables. The data reported through DATIM was higher than that reported though EMR-ART, but the difference progressively declined from a baseline of 4,544 in quarter 2 (January-March of 2019) to 405 in quarter 1 (October-December) of 2020. There was no disparity in the count between the two sources during the subsequent quarters.

Keyphrases: Data Quality, Electronic Medical Records, information use, service providers

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