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Multilevel Decomposition of the Envelope for Faults Detection in Gears

EasyChair Preprint no. 4955

4 pagesDate: February 3, 2021


The early gears faults detection remains a major problem, particularly when gears are submitted to phenomena non-stationary due to defects. The idea of this paper is to apply a multilevel decomposition technique based on EMD in the aim to detect and isolate faults in gears. Firstly, we determinate the upper envelope of a most dominant intrinsic mode function (IMF). Then, we injected an external signal, known as a masking signal or a pseudo-fault signal to isolate different fault frequencies, present in the envelope. Finally, we reapplied the EMD. An indicator of damage metric and Kurtosis are used to detect the presence of faults. The proposed method is evaluated on vibratory signals from the test bench, CETIM. Our results showed the occurrence of a teeth defect on gear on the 6th and 8th day. This result agrees with the report of the appraisal made on this gear system.

Keyphrases: EMD, fault detection, Masking, vibratory signal

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