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Testing Readiness for Introducing Crowdsourcing Services in Secondary Healthcare Institutions

EasyChair Preprint no. 7913

2 pagesDate: May 5, 2022


The subject of this research is examining the readiness for introducing crowdsourcing services in secondary healthcare institutions. The focus of the research is on the analysis, definition, and implementation of different models of crowdsourcing to improve the quality of the current healthcare system. Surveying both patients and health staff in secondary health institutions, the results will provide a full picture of readiness for implementing crowdsourcing models like crowd wisdom, crowdfunding, crowd voting and crowdsensing in healthcare institutions.
Crowd wisdom aggregates collective intelligence and collaboration among medical experts to collaboratively solve medical cases. For example, CrowdMed platform uses the crowd wisdom model for collaboration among an interdisciplinary team of medical experts with an aim to provide knowledge and skills for saving lives (Krafft, 2014).
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or enterprise by collecting small amounts of money from numerous people, typically via online platforms. In universal healthcare systems, medical crowdfunding is a viable option to finance alternative, complementary, experimental and scientifically poorly supported therapies not financed by the health insurance fund. Further analysis of the most common diseases and disorders listed in crowdfunding campaigns might provide guidance for national health insurance funds in extending their list of funded medical interventions (Lublóy, 2020).
Crowd voting allows stakeholders to express their opinion and desire through an online platform, too. This helps medical institutions to gain insight into the opinion of many people in an easy and efficient way. Delegating the right to participate in the solution of minor local problems, authorities make strategic decisions on their own, without relying on the resources of a “smart crowd”.

Keyphrases: crowd voting, Crowd Wisdom, Crowdfunding, Crowdsensing, Healthcare

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