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Digital Assistant for Elderly People

EasyChair Preprint no. 7513

9 pagesDate: February 26, 2022


In this modern time there are are lots of social connecting apps like Instagram , Facebook , Telegram and many more for social connection . In fact the internet is found for connecting the peoples and reduced the distance amongst the people for communication purpose , but in today's generation despite of this lot many apps there is still  a lot of gap among the people as people started spending that much of the time on technology rather than physical interaction face-to-face meetings and discussion.

The one who is familiar with the Technologies is good in adapting them and get engaged with them , but the one like the old aged people who are not adaptive to the Technologies facing lot of difficulties to get engage and spending most of the time by just sitting idle. Which leads to the stress anxiety depression mental health issues physical issues and many more . 

To Overcome this problem we have created an application/ software which is quite useful to get interact with the old elderly people , basically these applications provide a user interface to the old elderly people to get engage and to listen a various stories music and for entertainment purposes . They can also  have a audio chatbot to which they can talk with .

Our user Interface  is so friendly that it is very easy to operate with very less numbers of button in very colorful Format which looks attractive and to be engaged .

we have also created the section for storytelling for which they can say about that story and we can trace out the data in the form of experience for the business purposes ,As the Aged People is rich in Experience .

Our application is useful for the entertainment of old people as well as  collect the experience from their experience to analyse and for business purposes .We are preparing Solution for aged people Engagment and target to restrict the physical and Mental Problem Faced by Aged People .

Keyphrases: Android, Depression, Digital Assistant, Elderly, Loneliness, Reminiscing, senior citizens

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