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A Review Paper for Security by Using Biometric Fusion

EasyChair Preprint no. 6372

7 pagesDate: August 26, 2021


Biometric Fusion refers to combining two different biometric approaches to enhance the security for many fields. A lot of biometric patterns are already being used in the daily life. For example, it is often seen that a smart phone comes with the finger print scanner which uses a finger as security pattern to unlock the phone. Nowadays biometric fusion is used to find out the security in research industry. In this paper reviews the existing techniques of Biometric Fusion. This paper also lights up classification techniques which includes Artificial Intelligence. In this paper, discussed with a comparative study of different methods of biometrics on the basis of biometric sample, accusation device, feature to be fetched and matching algorithm.

Keyphrases: Biometric, Classification, feature extraction, Fusion

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