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Mediator between Computer Science and Classic Law Education: Russian Experience

EasyChair Preprint no. 2991

13 pagesDate: March 19, 2020


The article discusses the need to introduce an interprofessional and interdisciplinary approach to solving legal problems in the field of law, information technology and information security and provides Russian experience in the transition to a digital economy and the training of competent personnel. The introduction of a mediator - a specialist as a link between the classical legal education and technical competencies and knowledge in the field of information technology and the information sphere as a whole is proposed. The article also provides non-trivial questions that are already facing lawyers and technical experts. This is the complex nature of the information sphere, which incorporates other branches of law and fields of activity, the cross-border nature of the Internet, and the development of artificial intelligence as a new subject of legal relations, which incorporates other entities (creators, developers, users, sellers, distributors), and etc. The article analyzes and proposes the possible introduction by universities of the relevant disciplines in the field of information technology, the study by specialists of the legal branch of the technical sciences and their use in professional practice for the best solution and counteraction of problems in the information sphere.

Keyphrases: computer law, digital economy, Digital Transformation, Educational Training, information law, Information Security, information sphere, Information Technology, interdisciplinary approach, IT lawyer, legal regulation, Legal Support, Mediator, Russian Federation

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