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Design and Develop Deep Learning Based Algorithm for Diagnosis and Treatment of Covid -19 Patients

EasyChair Preprint no. 8057

5 pagesDate: May 24, 2022


COVID-19 has induced a worldwide epidemic that has had a devastating impact on human fitness. Since its proclamation as a global pandemic, the virus has induced havoc on a developing range of countries in a developing range of nations all through the world. Doctors, scientists, and others running at the frontlines have these days positioned up a enormous quantity of attempt to fight the virus's impacts. The use of synthetic intelligence with inside the fitness industry, significantly deep- and machine-learning applications, has made a enormous contribution to the combat towards COVID-19 with the aid of using supplying a contemporary approach for detecting, diagnosing, treating, and stopping the virus. The function of voice sign and/or photo processing in detecting the presence of COVID-19 is the difficulty of this proposed effort. This challenge makes use of a convolutional neural network (CNN) and a genetic algorithm (GA) to create and expand a computational intelligence-primari based totally framework for detecting COVID-19 situations. The framework employs multi-get entry to side computing technologies, permitting end-customers to get entry to each nearby sources and the CNN. Early identity of COVID-19 can assist with remedy and transmission prevention. During outbreaks of infection, hospitals round the sector have confronted good sized affected person loads, mattress shortages, inadequate checking out kits, and manpower shortages. Patients with severe sicknesses are every so often not able to acquire early remedy because of the time-ingesting nature of the traditional RT-PCR test, a scarcity of professional radiologists, and assessment demanding situations concerning negative excellent pictures.

Keyphrases: CNN, COVID-19, Django, Framework, machine learning

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