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HealthCare Management System Using Blockchain

EasyChair Preprint no. 9463

5 pagesDate: December 12, 2022


EHR systems allow medical professionals to entry healthcare data quickly on new patients, creating a digital record that they update on each new encounter. With the current increasingly widespread management of healthcare data, there isn’t any guarantee that the integrity or reliability of patient health records is maintained and the risk of data being lost or data being misused is quite large. The blockchain technology came into emergence with smart contracts-based applications which created a newly found decentralized platform that is reviewable yet includes immutable data storage and data access. This latest framework enables and supports the integration of healthcare information across many applications and stakeholders securely and reliably. In a typical EHR scenario the database operator is usually responsible for the healthcare data and not the patient, which makes it almost impossible to access all data easily and have control over the transfer and use of personal data for the patients. To overcome these problems, we have proposed an application of healthcare management system using Blockchain Technologies that is implemented with the help of Ethereum based smart contracts and also makes use of decentralized data storage like IPFS (Inter Planetary File System).

Keyphrases: Blockchain, decentralized model, Electronic Health Records, Ethereum, smart contracts, Solidity

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