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Exploring Cognitive Robotics: Integrating Human-Like Reasoning into Human-Robot Collaboration Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 13194

12 pagesDate: May 6, 2024


This research paper aims to investigate the integration of cognitive robotics principles into human-robot collaboration (HRC) systems, with a focus on enhancing robots' ability to emulate human-like reasoning processes. Cognitive robotics involves the development of robotic systems capable of perceiving, reasoning, and learning from their environment in a manner akin to human cognition. By imbuing robots with cognitive capabilities, such as perception, planning, decision-making, and adaptation, we can elevate their effectiveness in collaborative tasks and interactions with human counterparts. This paper will explore various aspects of cognitive robotics, including cognitive architectures, knowledge representation, learning algorithms, and human-robot interaction paradigms. Furthermore, it will examine the potential applications of cognitive robotics in diverse domains, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and assistive robotics. Through theoretical analysis, experimental validation, and case studies, this research aims to shed light on the transformative impact of cognitive robotics on the future of human-robot collaboration.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, cognitive robotics, decision making, Human-Robot Collaboration, Learning Algorithms, perception, Reasoning

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