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Projection of Employee Wages

EasyChair Preprint no. 5960

9 pagesDate: June 30, 2021


The graphical representation of anticipating pay is a process that attempts to build a computerized system that can follow all daily salary growth graphs in any location and predict revenue after a certain period of time. This application may access the company's salary database and generate a graph based on the information contained therein. Before importing a graph to aid in the visual representation, it will validate the salary fields. It can then forecast a wage for a specified time period using the prediction method. Accurate staff recruiting is a vital component of a company's business strategy because it has such a large impact on productivity and competitiveness. This research looks at an effective and efficient job portal analysis and pays prediction method that allows any student (freshman) or professional to choose the best platform for a career by learning which skills are in demand in the IT sector.

Keyphrases: Classification, logistic regression, machine learning, Predict Salary

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