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The Chief Urban Designer System for Urban Management in Smart City

EasyChair Preprint no. 1145

14 pagesDate: June 10, 2019


In recent years, the concept, technology and management of urban design are changing from the “ultimate blueprint” urban design consulting service to the “dynamic update” smart urban planning and building management, under the background of the increasingly development of smart city, big data and new media. This paper reviewed the same tendency emerging in terms of urban govern in smart city era, and took the urban design practice in Pazhou West District in Guangzhou as an example to analyze the development background, work context and implementation of the “regional chief urban designer system”. Based on this experience, a digital information management platform has been built, which concluded the work process of the system. On the basis of practice, we discuss the role, responsibilities and purpose of the future urban designers in the context of smart city, pointing out that the urban design team is moving from a single technical team to a diverse social public platform, from the “ultimate blueprint” image design to the “dynamic planning” development framework, from extensive urban control to smart urban building.

Keyphrases: Smart City, urban design, Urban Management

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