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Port Productivity by Improving Shift Change Process

EasyChair Preprint no. 2277

8 pagesDate: December 31, 2019


Nowadays, the increase of international trade is a fact that each maritime port must deal with, especially those used to exchange cargo containers. Without going so far, in South Pier of Callao (Peru), one of the main Container Terminal Port presents problems with a maritime service (Eurosal) in the time spent performing the loading and unloading processes. This document aims to provide an initiative to improve the productivity of the port, by a time and movements study, in order to increase the outputs of the process from a given set of inputs. To achieve an increase in productivity, we focus on the shift change process of Quayside Crane Operators, beginning an observation of the current scenario and mapping the process. Subsequently, we identify stages and activities that can be simplified or reduced, and we define a to-be process. Finally, we measure the tentative impact of the initiative on metrics such as movements, time and a tentative increase in revenue. Some of the relevant information about this document and the proposed initiative is the 12% reduction in the current work shift time, increasing container movements in 1.2% for the Eurosal service and this represents a monthly income of 20 thousand USD.

Keyphrases: Container Terminal Port, Maritime Service, Productivity, Quayside Crane, Shift Change

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