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Proposal of a Computerized System Based on Game Therapy to Reduce Postural Sway

EasyChair Preprint no. 9809

6 pagesDate: March 1, 2023


Develop three balance training games that aim to explore latero-lateral and antero-posterior movements and a combi-nation of these movements. The games were tested in two stages, the first assess was carried out by 5 professional sys-tems/games developers and the second was carried out by 5 therapists. To this end, two questionnaires were developed based on regulatory standards for software development and quality and also based on the SUS scale. The answers ob-tained in the SUS questionnaire showed 81 points in the as-sessment of physical therapists and 83 points in the assess-ment of system developers. According to the SUS scale both values classify the system as good. The games proved to be a very useful tool with great potential for use in balance treat-ments. The developed system can significantly improve treat-ments, as it increases the applied techniques, helping the ther-apist. In this way, the patient stays longer in the treatment using the games.

Keyphrases: balance, Game therapy, Software Test, Unity

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