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Analysis and Optimization Proposal of a Typical Building in Tehran Using TRNSYS Software

EasyChair Preprint no. 241

4 pagesDate: June 8, 2018


In this research, a home-made engineering project in Tehran will be developed which will be close to zero in terms of energy (this will be discussed later). To achieve this goal, the house should be optimized in terms of energy consumption and effective parameters of the building architecture, cooling and heating systems as well as lighting and other power consuming equipment should be properly located and optimized in order to reduce energy losses through this. In the current paper a multizone building is simulated in TRNSYS and in Tehran’s wheatear condition, the heating and cooling demand is presented in air-conditioned state of the house. results show that. How this Building Needs Energy in The times of the year in the city of Tehran. The types of walls are illustrated and the amount of heating and cooling demand needed in the conditioned system is shown in Figure 3.

Keyphrases: Building Optimization-, Sensible Cooling, Sensible heating-, TRNSYS

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