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Modeling of Planar 2D/3D Semiconductor Heterostructures Based on MoS2/GaN Junction

EasyChair Preprint no. 9370

5 pagesDate: November 26, 2022


Modeling results of planar 2D/3D semiconductor heterostructure based on GaN/MoS2 junction are presented. The heterostructure represents a III-nitride based planar diode with length of 1 m. The diode has a GaN n-type channel and MoS2 layer placed at the bottom and connected to anode contact. Doping concentration in the channel is (1–6)•1022m−3. Model of electron exchange between 2D and 3D regions of the diode is proposed. Electron transition between 2D and 3D region of diode is suggested to occur due to polar optical phonon scattering. Monte Carlo simulation of electron transport in device is carried out. Dependences of current density on applied voltage are obtained. Impact of parameters of MoS2 layers on current – voltage characteristic of diodes is discussed.

Keyphrases: current density, electron transfer, Heterojunction, I-V characteristic, phonon scattering, two dimensional(2D) layer

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