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Application Of BIM 5D Methodology In The Construction Of A Children's Park

EasyChair Preprint no. 3734

11 pagesDate: July 3, 2020


This project is based on the planning and control of the progress of the construction of the Children's Park in the Corozal Precinct, to carry out the planning of this work, the information was provided by the district administration of Isisdro Ayora, and after a thorough review, we proceeded to calculate the quantities of work, the analysis of unit prices which was used to develop the budget of the project. Then the Gantt chart was drawn up using the Ms Project software, which shows us the time it takes to carry out each activity with its cost and resources, after which the valued schedules of the team and staff were made. To use the BIM 5D methodology, the 3D model was made using the Revit 19 software, after obtaining the 3D model, the other two dimensions are integrated by the Navisworks software, in which we integrate the 3D Model with the Gantt Diagram of the Project, obtaining a Model in 5D. Finally, a simulation of the progress of the project is made, which reflects the time and cost of the work.

Keyphrases: BIM, construction, Design, Engineering, planning

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