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Working with Female Adolescents: a Social Work Perspective

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9 pagesDate: June 30, 2021


        The incidence of risk-taking behavior among adolescent boys and girls has increased over a period of time across the world because of a number of factors like immaturity, curiosity about sexuality, psychological and physiological changes., a desire for experimentation, peer influence, the influence of media, lack of proper knowledge about various aspects of reproductive health, communication gap between parent-child relationships cultural inhibition for clarification of queries of adolescents about sexuality and other related issues in the educational institution and at home, lack of parental supervision and so on  The genesis of most health problems in adolescents are environmental and behavioral in nature, and social influences, good and bad, can foster, mitigate, or exacerbate immediate and long-term health consequences and conditions The proliferation of poor health outcomes among our nation's youths reflects their unmet needs and the inadequacies of our current investments.  The social work profession values the fundamental underlying need for positive youth development as an effective approach in improving adolescent health. Social work has long acknowledged the need for a "new paradigm" in defining and addressing adolescent health by highlighting strengths and assets on which to build In this context article has been reviewed to understand social work practice with adolescent health problems in the health care setting and made few observation for social work practitioner and social work students to bring out basic resources to accomplish their mission.

Keyphrases: adolescence, Health, Social Work Intervention

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