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Manufacturing of Paver Block by Partially Replacement of Aggregates with Plastic

EasyChair Preprint no. 5099

9 pagesDate: March 4, 2021


Abstract: The aim of this project is to partially replace cement with non-recyclable plastic waste (polythene bags, less than 40 microns) in paver blocks and to reduce the cost of paver blocks when compared to that of conventional concrete paver blocks. At present nearly 56 lakh tonnes of plastic waste is produced in India per year. The degradation rate of plastic waste is also a very slow process. Hence the project is helpful in reducing plastic waste as well as reusing it to make objects for efficient and optimum utility. In this project we have used plastic waste in different proportions with fine aggregate and cement. The paver blocks were prepared and tested and the results were discussed. In many developing countries low-density polyethylene (LDPE) sheets, bags and water sachets are a major waste problem because local collection and recycling systems do not exist. As a result, LDPE has no value and is dumped causing aesthetic, environmental and public health issues. The application of this technology is an example of a community-driven waste management initiative that has potential to impact on the global plastics waste crisis because it can transform waste LDPE and other readily available types of plastics into a valuable local resource.

Keywords: LDPE (Low density polythene), paver blocks, optimum utility, waste management.

Keyphrases: LDPE (Low density polythene), optimum utility, Paver block, waste management

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