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Modeling of Photovoltaic Waste Projection and Management Considering the Mozambique Scenario

EasyChair Preprint no. 10925

22 pagesDate: September 20, 2023


The consumption of energy from fossil sources since the industrial revolution to the present day and the current demand for energy have stood out as the main causes of adverse weather phenomena and extreme events that the world experiences. as a way of reversing and dealing with this situation, renewable energy has proven to be the best solution, especially photovoltaic solar energy. Mozambique is a country with a high photovoltaic potential and therefore countless projects are in operation, under construction and yet to be implemented. Accompanying this proliferation is important to estimate the waste generation is made for the next 20 or 30 years and an adequate management plan is elaborated. This study makes a projection of the generation of photovoltaic waste that will be generated in the coming years to reach the goal of solar electrification in Mozambique and, in addition to that, shows the best ways of dismantling photovoltaic plants. The projection of photovoltaic residues is based on the Weibull distribution function and then an optimization is performed in order to make the mathematical model more realistic. The results of this projection show the economically viable and sustainable year for the start of photovoltaic waste management activities and therefore the amount of waste to be recycled and/or discarded.

Keyphrases: Modeling and Optimization, Mozambique Solar Energy, Photovoltaic waste management, Waste projection, Weibull distribution

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