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A Review on Smart Warehouse Management System

EasyChair Preprint no. 9263

4 pagesDate: November 7, 2022


The Internet of Things (IoT), in recent decades, has been explored to develop new technologies that work in a variety of ways in various technologies, especially in the food industry. The field of rice, wheat, and grain to protect the environment is extremely challenging because of its promising potential. We are proposing a low-cost system called the SMART WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (WMS), to develop remote remote management capabilities for storage in a flexible environment. Our system is made up of temperature, humidity, smoke, odor, humidity, and acoustic sensors connected to the nodes-MCU, and gas sensors, which provide vital information needed to achieve the quality of food. This information is transmitted to the Blynk cloud wirelessly by providing a visual interface where the user can track changes in product quality from time to time. WMS provides an easy-to-use visual and analytical sensor data application for an effective and inexpensive monitoring system. Test results prove that system performance is perfectly balanced and can meet design requirements in real-time and remote data collection. A unique approach is proposed by WMS to collect data in an environment that eliminates the need for cables or manual labor.

Keyphrases: AI(Artificial Intelligence), Arduino IDE, Blynk Application, Node MCU, Sensors, WMS(warehouse management system)

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