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LDP Video Target Simulator (LVTS) for Testing Mission Software in Combat Aircrafts

EasyChair Preprint no. 6103

5 pagesDate: July 16, 2021


Combat aircrafts consist of several avionics systems, where each avionics system comprises functionality systems such as LDP systems, INS-GPS, RadAlt, multi functionality display (MFD) etc. Mission computer is the control unit for all the avionics systems in the aircraft. But each of these avionic systems are costly, difficult to procure, and not economical to have one at each facility, therefore this results in a need for a simulation software which comprises all the features mentioned. One of such avionic systems is LDP (Laser Designator Pod). LDP is an avionics system that allows the pilot to pin-point target location using a laser and guide missile systems. This project is to develop simulators to test the mission software using Qt Creator. LVTS is used to test the mission software for the video interface. The results indicate that the LDP video simulator shows realistic and accurate locations on the map, with only a few meters difference from the actual position from the provided parameters. The calculation of other parameters like distance, azimuth angle, slant angle from the simulation results are recorded to be accurate, which is discussed in detail in further sections.

Keyphrases: LDM, LDP, LVTS, stub, TCP, UDP

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