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Implementation of Stereo Audio Communication Through Visible Light Communication on FPGA

EasyChair Preprint no. 1786

8 pagesDate: October 31, 2019


Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) alludes to the 5G visible light communication frameworks utilizes   light emitting diodes as a vehicle for fast concurrence along these lines as Wi-Fi. As modern where the web technology has been turned into noteworthy interest. This is a part of visible light communication (VLC) and It is supplement of radio frequency communication, or a substitution in settings of information broadcasting. This paper describes a study on stereo audio communication through Visible Light (Li-Fi). Li-Fi has greater limit as far as data transfer capacity imperceptible district, it is the way through which signals doesn’t mixed or interfere with different communication utilize radio recurrence run, without taking its recurrence groups. In Stereo audio the left and right channel of data is transmitted separately in the form of digital bit . Li-Fi gives higher information/data measure, high efficiency, good connectivity, much more secure than Wi-Fi and data rate (speed) is also high. Results show that the performance of system depends upon distance of transmitter and receiver as well as coherency of light. According to nature of LEDs has light weight, cheaper in cost and lightning units, there are innumerable chance to take advantage of this method. As conclusion, this system supports data rate upto 10 mbps and 10 meter distance.

Keyphrases: ADC and DAC board, FPGA kIT, LED, photodiode, Stereo Audio Transmission Visible Light Communication

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