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Health Management System

EasyChair Preprint no. 10628

3 pagesDate: July 27, 2023


The Health Management System project aims to provide an efficient and comprehensive solution for managing health-related information and processes. It is designed to streamline the healthcare industry by digitizing and automating various aspects of healthcare management, including patient records, appointments, prescriptions, and billing.The system offers a user-friendly interface accessible to both healthcare providers and patients. Healthcare providers can utilize the system to manage patient information, schedule appointments, maintain medical records, generate prescriptions, and monitor treatment plans. The system also allows for easy collaboration and communication between healthcare professionals, ensuring a seamless flow of information.Patients can benefit from the Health Management System by accessing their medical records, booking appointments online, receiving appointment reminders, and securely messaging their healthcare providers. The system aims to enhance patient engagement and empowerment by providing convenient access to their health information, promoting proactive healthcare management.

Keyphrases: Appointment scheduling, Electronic Medical Records, patient management

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