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Application in Autocad to Automate the Calculation of Mechanical Efforts in Fiber Optic Network Projects

EasyChair Preprint no. 9373

9 pagesDate: November 27, 2022


The topic addressed in this academic work describes a tool responsible for capturing and extracting data applied to AutoCAD software, using the Autolisp dialect. The tool has the function of automating the calculation of mechanical efforts in fiber optic network projects. With the growing demand after the growth of Fiber to the home (FTTH) networks, there was a need to install new cables on electricity distribution poles. Consequently, the growth of FTTH networks has caused an overcrowding on poles in large urban centers, which in turn, have a limited amount of availability of fixing points. The authorization of shared use of aerial infrastructure is regulated by NBR 15214/2005. Municipal FTTH networks occupy a significant percentage of the total number of poles in a city. As a result, the regulatory process becomes very repetitive, thus leading to the possibility of human error. This work proposes the creation of a plugin that automates a large part of the technical process known as the sharing of poles project to use aerial cables in energy distribution poles. Therefore, a spreadsheet is used as a kind of database. From this worksheet all the attributes necessary for the elaboration of the project are extracted, such as the vector orientation of the effort applied by the cable. The plugin developed in this work performs a georeferenced analysis of the entire plant that involves the network, extracts specific data from each pole and plots all points on the map, automates the process of orienting double T-type poles and creating blocks with the resulting stress values, in addition to calculating all the mechanical stresses in the network. The tool obtained convincing results, certifying the excellent functioning of the application to the projects, both in obtaining and in the implementation of data, thus legitimizing the proposal presented in the work.

Keyphrases: AutoCAD, AutoLISP, Calculation of mechanical efforts, FTTH

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