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Growth Response and Seed Production of Several Varieties of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Acid Soil

EasyChair Preprint no. 9344

6 pagesDate: November 21, 2022


The cause of the soil to become acidic, this occurs by several things, such as excessive inorganic fertilization such as Urea, Za, high rainfall, frequent waterlogging of the soil and excess elements of Fe (Iron), Al (Aluminum) and Cu (Copper). The development of tolerant varieties is one alternative to increase the efficiency of cultivation in acid soils. Selection of tolerant rice varieties in acid soil needs to be done because the number is still limited. Meanwhile, the potential for acid soil for farming is quite extensive. This activity was carried out in the experimental area of PT. Sang Hyang Seri (Persero) Gedung Rejo Village, Kec. Muncar Kab. Banyuwangi. This study used a non-factorial Randomized Block Design, with 4 varieties, namely Logawa, Inpari 32, Situ Bagendit, Siliwangi, and replicated 6 times. Data analysis used the F test (ANOVA) and if there was a significant difference, then proceed with the calculation of BNJ (Honest Significant Difference) with an error rate of 5%. The results showed that Siliwangi varieties has tolerance in acid soils level. Inpari 32 variety has a high tolerance level in acid soils, because it is able to produce a high number of productive tillers in vegetative and generative phase and plant height in generative phase. In other hand, Logawa varieties has high production rate than other varieties. It can be seen in the parameters potential yield, Logawa variety has a potential yield of 9,29 ton/ha, and this yield was higher than the description of the variety, which was 7.5 tons/ha.

Keyphrases: acid soil, Oryza sativa L, Qualitative, quantitative

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