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Video Based Attendance System

EasyChair Preprint no. 7839

9 pagesDate: April 27, 2022


Attendance management done manually in college is difficult to work with. To automate the attendance system, there are many technologies available that are costly and you have to touch the pad every time you come to the class which makes it coronavirus prone. Hence, to overcome this problem we have built a computer-based smart video attendance management system. Attendance is an important aspect of every organization or institution to confirm the presence. Some of the manual and automatic attendance systems are, entry by pen or paper, Fingerprint-based, IRIS-based, RFID-based, and face recognition. The possibility of false entry of students by fooling the system is not possible in our case.
Our system can take attendance remotely by live video.  In this system, all frames are separated from the video. To recognize the face of any student human face detection and preconization steps are taken. Our model helps to manage the attendance of students in a live stream.

Keyphrases: automate, detecting, learning, OpenCV, Recognizing, video

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