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Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

EasyChair Preprint no. 7924

11 pagesDate: May 5, 2022


Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker is an online platform, such as app or websites, that helps you as an investor to keep track of the changing prices of different coins in your investment. It is tool that helps you to easily monitor the performance of your investment and other cryptocurrencies all in a single view.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency maintained by a network of computers that uses cryptography algorithm to verify transactions. We can also invest and trade in various cryptocurrency. Nowadays cryptocurrencies are considered as a digital asset. Trading and investing are complicated and we have to analyze fundamentally and technically to trade any pair. We mainly focus on technical analysis and tools required for the technical analysis. The main and basic tool is the price.

Others tools are price pattern, chart pattern and volume. These tools play important role in trading for making better profit and preventing stop loss hit.

Technical analysis is a trading discipline to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities for making profit and preventing losses. To become successful traders, we have to follow the different paths but the common and the most important one is reading and analyzing price pattern.

I am going to develop a platform which is going to help the traders to analyze the price pattern in real time and help them to become a successful trader.

Keyphrases: Cryptocurrency, mobile application, Technical Analysis

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