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App/Bluetooth Based Home Automation

EasyChair Preprint no. 2906

5 pagesDate: March 9, 2020


Technology  is  a  never  ending  process.  To  be  able  to design a product using the current technology that will be beneficial to  the lives of  others is a  huge contribution to the  community.  The design and implementation of a low cost but yet flexible and secure App/Bluetooth based Home Automation system. The design is based on  a stand alone  Arduino BT  board and the  home appliances are connected to the input/ output ports of this board  via  relays.  The  communication  between  the  cell phone and the Arduino BT board is wireless. This system is designed to be low cost and scalable allowing variety of devices to be controlled with minimum changes to its core. Password protection is being used to only allow authorized users from accessing the appliances at home.There has been rising demand for secure system that must be dependable and quick respond for the industries and company. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is one of the consistent and fast means of identify the material object. Long back the barcodes are more preferable as compared to RFID because of their cost but nowadays RFID are easily available and are more convenient to use. Research has made some drastic changes which makes it programming a lot shorter and easier because of replacing Microcontroller with Arduino. Arduino makes the circuit and programming a lot easier to understand. Every RFID tag has unique ID. This UID is used for security purpose to unlock the door. If same RFID card swaps more than four times which is denied by system then message will be sent to authorized person via GSM model for alert as unauthorized access. Here we have used LED to indicate if the appliance is On/Off.

Keyphrases: adapter, Bluetooth module hc05, Capacitor, IC, LED, Microcontroller, Relay

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