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Air Quality Analysis in the Surrounding Environments Using a Lora Network

EasyChair Preprint no. 10453

4 pagesDate: June 28, 2023


This paper presents an analysis and a comparison of the air quality from different areas in different conditions from outdoor and indoor environments, so we could take actions that could improve our well-being or could signal to bigger institutes what exactly should be monitored in what area so we could have the best breathable air. The paper is organized in three parts, the first one describes the air quality analysis and used sensors for indoor and outdoor measurements. The second part is describing the data transmission using the LoRa Wan protocol with an STM32 gateway and end nodes, to transit the analyzed data to a gateway to be able to centralize and process the data. Also, we will check possible ranges for LoRa transmission in a big city.

In the third part of the paper, we will present future development and points that will be checked with different sensors.

Keyphrases: air quality, Gateway, IoT, LoRa, pollution, RSSI

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