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Impact on Diabetes in Mental Health, Quality of Life and Interaction

EasyChair Preprint no. 3859

16 pagesDate: July 13, 2020


Diabetes is the fourth leading non-communicable diseases in the world. Diabetic and psychiatric diseases are more prevalence in our society.

it has shared bio directional association both influencing multiply ways. Mental health problems currently included Diabetes as risk factors currently rise in all over the area. For some people, the stress of living with diabetes can concern for mood and potential may also lead to Depressions, anxiety, and confusion.

This study was conducted as qualitative research with 12 responders with the age of (23-35) by selected randomly from endocrinologist unit in Colombo south teaching hospital. We collected primary data by using the interview method with a three main focus group for discussion. According to the pilot of the study, we identify a number of mental health issues that cause by the diabetic. The main objective of this study is preventing the mental health issues of diabetic and generating idea to reduce crisis from our community.

Keyphrases: Bio directional, Diabetic and psychiatric disorders, keywords, mental health, mood and potential complications

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