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Actuation and Control of a Steerable Catheter for Mitral Valve Repair

EasyChair Preprint no. 9005

4 pagesDate: October 5, 2022


In the field of Structural Heart Diseases, Mitral Regurgitation’s incidence is rising because of an aging population worldwide, and it has reached an annual mortality rate near 34%. The procedures of Structural Intervention Cardiology have enlarged the number of treated patients, since their minimally invasive and trans-catheter approach. To provide a forward step-change in this procedure, the aim of this work is to improve the use of the commercially available MitraClip system®, suggesting an innovative robot-assisted platform with autonomous control for the aforementioned system. The presented methodology is constituted of two phases: in the first one, we design, in the Solidworks® environment, 3D print and integrate the mechanical support with electrical motors and micro-controller devoted to catheter’s steering. In the second phase, we develop the closed-loop position control to improve the accuracy in the autonomous positioning of the catheter. The described approach was tested to demonstrate its feasibility and dexterity: a position accuracy of 1.1±0.54 mm in following a given optimal trajectory was obtained.

Keyphrases: control algorithm, robot assisted surgery, Structural Intervention Cardiology, tendon-driven system

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