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Women Participation in Disaster Risk Management Practices in Indonesia: a Systematic Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 9615

28 pagesDate: January 24, 2023


Along with the increase of disaster occurrences in Indonesia comes the unprecedented innovation for disaster risk reduction by various actors. Women are becoming a fundamental actor across disaster phases reversing the initial understanding that women only play a significant role in response and recovery stages at the household level. Therefore, this study aims to identify the current women's participation in disaster management practices in Indonesia and construct the extent of their involvement in each disaster phase. The study includes peer-reviewed literature and is limited to empirical studies on women participation in disaster in Indonesian context published in international and Indonesian journals. We identified articles from CARI! search engine, which is sourced from Scopus, DoAJ, and Portal Garuda between 28 April-9 May 2022. Manual review was used to assist with preliminary identification and screening, followed by using Mixed Method Appraisal Tools. A total of 32 articles about women participation in disaster in Indonesia were found and classified into 4 disaster phases: prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. We then reviewed each literature using the participatory lens defined by Arnstein and Agarwal to understand the extent of women participation studied in each article. Informed by the review, we then discussed the context of Indonesian women participation in local, national, regional, and international contexts. This article confirms limited women participation, particularly outside of western Indonesia. Its scope of studies also merely covers a broader range, such as mitigation, preparedness, and response phases, including those related to climate and geological hazards. This can be done by exploring more between those scopes, including elevating women participation in the partnership, citizen control and empowering level.

Keyphrases: Disaster, Indonesia, systematic review, women participation

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